Calendar sync terms

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Calendar sync terms

As a public meeting, training or work space provider, who uses ‘Calendar Sync’ for real-time availability, it is your responsibility to update & block out your space availability on your calendar, whenever:

  • A booking is made by any company, other than and its marketplace partners, causing the space to NOT be available to and its marketplace partners and its clients. *including all other agent/broker customers. This also refers to ANY provisional hold on your space, outside and its marketplace partners enquiries.
  • If your centre is CLOSED, due to public holidays, weekends or your centre cannot accommodate bookings. If you wish to accept real-time bookings on public holidays please leave your online calendar freely available on these dates, standard rates must apply, unless advised to and its marketplace partners 48 hours prior to the booking date & time. Failure to advise and its marketplace partners, standard rates will only be accepted. To minimize this exposure, please block out your space availability on these dates. and its marketplace partners can approach you via email or phone should we have an enquiry.
  • If you provide videoconferencing (VC) and the equipment is broken and not in service, resulting in the VC room being unavailable, your calendar must be blocked out.
  • Any other date or times where your centre and spaces cannot be staffed or resources provided to accept a real-time booking.

Our booking system’s integrity survives on calendar users keeping their calendars up to date. We understand mistakes happen, however to ensure reliability and professionalism, should there be a double booking based on your calendar not being updated as listed above, the and its marketplace partners booking must be honored.


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