Calendly rocks like a rock lobster

Calendly rocks like a rock lobster

Calendly rocks like a rock lobster

We know our Grapevine Grapes are usually great deals that usually involve great discounts from product and service providers in the meeting and work space industry. However the base Calendly product is FREE and we think a must have for anyone that schedules meetings in different time zones.

Calendly is freeeee.

Did you say it’s FREE?

You read and heard in your head correctly, it is free. Well the base product is free but before you do the “oh that old chestnut” hear this out.

If all you need is a simple link to a calendar that shows your free-busy, allows wood-bee customers, partners, suppliers, people, to pick available times on your calendar and this auto schedules both participants calendars, in any time zone, then yes, it’s free. Calendly is your go to!

THIS is why we think this product is so worthy of Grape status. The paid products are also very cool, which you can see here on their pricing page, but the base free-bee product is seriously all most people will ever need.

It syncs with most major existing calendaring systems, again free, and you can easily connect it to Zapier, meaning you can basically connect it to anything.

Let me repeat the free-bee coolness and then leave you to dribble:

  • your own personal calendar link, for invites or signature;
  • link opens your personal calendar, in users local timezone and shows your free-busy;
  • syncs with most major calendaring platforms;
  • syncs with Zapier so also most major sales, accounting, crm, marketing, mailing platforms;
  • and it is seriously soooooo simple to set up, you may think you missed something.

We have no ties to this company we just simply think its the rockiest of rock lobsters and that anyone that spends more than one communication trying to set up convenient meeting times to schedule multiple people, needs this.

Check out their website, sign up for free and in minutes you will be thanking us for the recommendation.

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