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chairsIn.space training guides

Simply click the training guides below to view them in all their glory.

How to book a meeting space.

How To Book

A how to guide on using the platform to book any style of space.

How to create a Chairs In Space profile.

Add Profile

Learn how to create your profile in seconds with one click social sign-in.

How to create a location.

Add Location

A step by step guide on how to create your location and set it up correctly.

How to add your spaces.

Add Spaces

A guide to setting up your meeting, training or work spaces correctly.

How to sync your spaces calendar.

Sync Calendar

A guide on how to sync your calendars with your spaces.

Location is king.

Sell More

A general advice guide on our promotional products for suppliers.

How to White Label with Chairs In Space.

Website Widget

A guide to setting up your booking system on your website.

How to add any App to Chairs In Space!

Sync Apps

A guide to syncing your app with hundreds of popular apps.

How to SEO your listing.

SEO Guide

A guide to setting up your listings SEO, images and descriptions.

Global support

Open 24 hours to help you when you need it.

chairsIn.space demonstration videos

Simply click the training videos below to view them in all their glory.

How to create your profile video.

Create Profile

Step by step walk through of creating your profile in seconds.

How to book video.

How To Book

Watch how easy it is to book a space on our platform in seconds.

More videos to come.

More Videos

Check out the rest of our training videos on Loom!

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Frequently asked questions

Here is our list of the most commonly asked questions about our platform and marketplace partners.
Meeting space is any form of space that you can have a personal or business meeting. Ranging from a small meeting room, boardroom, training room, a shared desk at someones office known as Co-sharing or a dedicated closed walled office, or even a video conferencing venue.
Private meeting space is your meeting, the boardroom or desk or chair in your office or building that you only want your staff, friends or family to use. A public meeting space is where that very space is available for the general public to book by the hour, half day, day or even week.
You do not a credit card to create a profile. You will need a credit card to create and book your own private meeting space and any public meeting space.
You sure can! We have many companies that prefer to pay via invoice. Simply request credit from your local meeting space guru.
You pay us. That is the magic that is whyGo. One invoice in one currency for meeting space anywhere in the world. We take care of the taxes, exchange rates, bank fees, the lot.
Lucky you. No issues at all, we will still invoice you for this. If a venue tries to charge you directly for this, just let us know and we will do our angry dance. It’s very persuasive, with a bit of jive.
You can book meeting space for the same day. However be mindful that venues do have cancellation terms so be sure you’re across these before you book. Also be mindful we are all human, if you book a venue for 8am at 6am, please do not expect the venue to magically be aware of the booking until their staff get into work for the morning.
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