How to add images and descriptions

How to add images and descriptions

How to add images and descriptions

Every location that has spaces get’s a Location Page to promote what that location has to offer. What products, an example image of that product and a description to accommodate those images. This Location Page is viewed by Search Engines such as Google so it is incredibly important both from a user understanding perspective but also an SEO perspective.

How to SEO your location.

How to add images and descriptions

Images & descriptions menu tab to access this feature.

We have provided a tab for you Location and each Product.
*The Product tabs will only be exposed to use if you have a space that offers that product.

Location image and description is about promoting the building, access to transport, building features.

Product images and descriptions are to promote that product in your venue.Enter location description for your venue. We have provided some basic instructions for you to follow to get the most SEO love out of your description.

Save any and all updates. Always save your updates.

Your landing page is a page what users see when they View Info about your venue.

Both the Location and Product images and descriptions will display on the front of the website when customers book.

As you can see, very important to make sure your venue looks and sounds great!

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