How to add website widget

How to add website widget

How to add website widget

Want your customers to book your spaces on your website easily? Or just want to make some extra money? Look no further, the Website Widget for white label solution allows anyone to add our embed codes to their websites in seconds and start benefiting from either of these options.

How to white label with

Setting up website widget

Widget Code Generator is available in the White Label section under Settings.

Generate either embed or i-frame codes, for either the entire system or just your specific locations and spaces.
This allows you to add links and Book Now buttons with links to your website that allow your customers to book your spaces. Very cool huh.

Widget Filter allows you to hide all venues close to your venue by 1)5km , 2)same city/suburb, or 3)same state/region.  e.g. if your filter is same state/region and your venue is in LA, all searches for California will just return your venue.

We know, we rock, especially as this is all FREE!

Commercial details

Your venues/spaces are yours. All bookings for your locations/spaces made on your system are 100% yours to deal with.
100% your revenue, you take the money, you bill your customers.

Other venues/spaces that are not yours. All bookings in any other venues/spaces made on your system will be managed by the relevant market place.
All market places will pay you 20% of any margin made on all bookings, invoiced and paid.

Need help setting up your widget?

Here are some great reference guides if you plan on doing this yourself and tailoring the page more than a full width version Embed help:, i-frame help:  , instruction guide: click here for instructions.

If you prefer someone to set up your widget or white label for you,’s tech team can do this easily. At $200 ex tax per hour, we are incredibly well priced to assist you. How much is your time worth? logo

Widget support?

  • Saves you the time/effort
  • Usually quick set up
  • Billed per hour
  • Increase your bookings