How to add your spaces

How to add your spaces

How to add your spaces

The below How to add your spaces guide will walk you through how to add meeting room, training room, private office, co-working desk space and even event spaces to your location for private or public bookings. We kick off this guide assuming you have read the How to create your location guide first, if not, please read it.

How to add your spaces.


The My spaces page is where you will create, update and edit your meeting, training and work space inventory. Each space can have multiple layouts e.g. a single space can be set up as a meeting room and creative room, and a training with multiple layouts, this is still just one (1) physical space and you can allocate each layout that space can accommodate.

My spaces tab will navigate you to the space management page.

Add space button to create your first space.

Follow the step by step set up guide.

My spaces

Space name is unique to that physical space.

Space size is the physical floor space size in Square Meters or Square Feet.

Internal / external describes if the space has windows, sees the sun, or does not.

Product select allows you to select which product the space is, meeting room, training room or work space, under each product are layout options.
*A single space, can have multiple products and layouts, so long as that space can accommodate.

Space image is where you get to upload a picture of the actual space and it’s layout. One image per layout, so you could have four (4) layouts for one (1) space and as such have four (4) unique images for each layout.

Max capacity is to show users the maximum number of people in that specific layout, in that space, that can be accommodated.

Pricing is your recommended sell price to your direct customers, ex tax. Each product and layout offers multiple pricing options such a p/hour, p/half day, p/day, p/week and p/month.

Public, private or hidden are all options below every space. Turn Public toggle on and your space is now available to be booked by the general public, turn the Public toggle off and your space is now private and only you can see and book your space. Turn the Hidden toggle on and even you will not see your space in your search results.

Update room button must be clicked for any of your changes to be saved.

Sell currency & tax rate allows you to sell your spaces in your currency. It is critical you add the tax rate you will apply to any of your sell prices as whyGo will add this tax to your sell prices where applicable throughout the platform. If you do not enter a tax rate, then we will assume you do not charge any tax on top of your sell prices.

Billing & cancellation policy allows you to enter your own policy details here. Try keep them short and succinct (to the point) as simple and easy to understand policies reduce customer confusion.

Wait for approval

Orange dots will appear for new and/or edited space fields which effect public listings. If your space is private, then no orange dots will appear as these are your spaces to do with what you want.

Approval for public space fields will take up to 24 hours as a guru needs to double check the changes to ensure they meet our standards and don’t break any content laws.

Feel free to grab us on live chat to nudge us to approve your changes immediately. 🙂

Sync your calendars

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  • Reduce transaction time
  • Secure more bookings

  • Increase occupancy