How to book a meeting space

How to book a meeting space

How to book a meeting space

Log in to your platform via one of our marketplace partners, click here.
(Works best on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.)

How to make a booking.

How to search and book a meeting room

Select the product and city in the search bar for your market place.
*Try search addresses to find venues closest to you or your attendees.

Review venues and their spaces, we display venues first and then what spaces that venue offers.
*View Info button to see more detailed information about the venue.
*Zoom Out to load more venues further away.

Book Now button to select the space you want to book.

Select your date, time and duration.

Add optional items such as attendee name, phone number, email, catering or auxiliary requirements and any extra details you wish to inform or request of the venue. (all optional)

Checkout after reviewing your booking summary and cost.
*One button checkout for signed in users.

How to create your profile

  • Social sign in takes seconds
  • Add child accounts
  • Pre-set filter options
  • Tailor product and city defaults