How to integrate with Zapier

How to integrate with Zapier

How to integrate with Zapier

We are so happy to be able to offer you our to Zapier integration as it literally enables us to say YES to almost any customer requirement. This how to integrate Zapier guide with assist you in connecting your account to all major accounting, reporting, sales, marketing, social, or custom built system with ease.

How to integrate with whyGo.

First step is log into your profile, navigate to settings > then Zapier integration, then copy your API key.

Navigate to Zapier and log into your FREE or paid Zapier profile. If you don’t have a Zapier profile, just create one, it’s free.  Click this link to Zapier.

Setting up your Zap

Create Zap by clicking on the Create Zap button.

Find chairs In space App is easy by just typing “chairs In space” into the App search box and then selecting it.

Select Booking trigger which is the only option, being that you want any booking data to trigger your Zap, click Save + Continue.

Select event which is either “Public Bookings” or “Private Bookings”.

Public Bookings are bookings that chairs In space market places make in your locations and spaces.

Private Bookings are bookings you, or your customers (using our Website Widget on your website) make on your system for your locations and spaces.

Add chairs In space API Key which you copied in the 1st step of this instruction document. 🙂 Click Continue, then Continue Again.

BAM you have now connected your chairs In space App to Zapier leaving you with just one question, which App should you connect to first? The options are endless. The most common are accounting systems such as XERO or Google Sheets for reporting.

We would love to hear some great user cases of how you made our platform work for you with other apps. 🙂

Need help setting up your Zap?

If you prefer someone to set up your Zap/s for you, teh tech team can do this easily. At $200 ex tax per hour, we are incredibly well priced to assist you. How much is your time worth? logo

Zapier consulting

  • Saves you the time/effort
  • Usually quick set up (we get Zapier)
  • Connect to over 750 apps
  • Unlimited possibilities