How to sync your calendars

How to sync your calendars

How to sync your calendars

Our How to sync your calendars guide will step you through how simple and easy our one click calendar sync truly is. Ok, it is actually more like three or four click sync but when you try it and see how absolutely mind blowingly (it’s a word) simple and easy it is, you will understand why we call it one click sync.

How to sync your calendars.


Sync’d spaces offer customers real time availability and instant confirmations.

Sync to either the platforms internal calendar, or sync to any of the worlds most popular calendars.

Instant bookings is the final step, first you need to sync to a calendar, then select what times of the day bookings are instant.

Calendar sync ALL major calendars

My Spaces sub menu is where you want to be. To synchronize each spaces calendar, you need to be looking at the spaces.

Calendar icon is next to every space is your next step. Click this light grey icon to open the calendar sync feature.

My calendar is the 2nd option you have to choose from and by far the most popular. My Calendar allows you to synchronize your spaces with any of the major calendaring platforms in the market today that you may already be using. This avoids the need to maintain two calendars and makes life super simple if you want to let customers of the system to book your spaces instantly and save you a bundle of time.

Select your calendar in the list of major calendar platforms. Calendar options include Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Apple iCal and Google Calendar are all available for you to sync with.

Provide access is easy as seen in the video below. Simply add the username, password and allow access to your calendar.

Which calendar and terms are your final step. If your existing calendar access has multiple calendars, this is where you select which calendar belongs to which space. Once that is done, you accept our terms of use, please read these. Then Select.

Your sync’d! Once you complete the above steps, the calendar icon will turn from a light grey to a light red to signal you are all set up for that space. If you hover your mouse over the red calendar icon, a text bubble will appear and tell you what calendar that space is synchronized with.

Please Note: Only you will see your synchronized events on the platform and specifically only your platform. All other users of the platform will just see BOOKED if you have an event in your calendar. Further, our calendar sync feature is built using Cronofy which adheres to strictest security guidelines relating to privacy. As such, you data is in safe hands.

Calendar sync with calendar

Location calendars are provided to all users that have created a location.

A Location Calendar is for that specific location and will display all bookings made for just that location and its spaces as well as allow you to enter your own events for each space in the calendar. Cool huh. calendar sync is when you use the calendar to update all events in a space and want that space to be instantly booked online.

You need to sync to the calendar first, so we know your using it and keeping it up to date.

Second step is ensure you select Instant Bookings from the hours of operation section.

External calendar, in case you were wondering is another calendar, separate to your location calendar, that just displays bookings made on the platform. It will not display the events you enter as these only display on each locations calendar.

Instant bookings

Instant bookings and at what times of the day you will accept instant bookings is all handled by the “Hours of operations” in the Venue & address section.

Hours of operations allows you to select if you want instant bookings just for business hours, or after hours or 24 hours a day. Instant bookings means when a customer on any marketplace (or you) book your spaces, the booking will be instantly made. It will be entered into all the calendars and confirmations issued to the customer and yourselves. It’s a done deal.


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