Location is king

Location is king

Location is king

Location IS king and nothing could be truer when discussing online real estate presence. To help our business hungry venue suppliers take advantage of this data, we have two (2) fantastic promotional ad-ons that will help your venue get seen more often.

Location is king!

Promotional ad-ons

Preferred venue (top 3 listing) is where your venue will appear in the top three (3) search results for city/suburb.

e.g. if a user searches for “New York” and selects “New York, New York, USA” from the search list, your venue will be top three (3).we will ensure your location is

Promotional pop (page pop up) is a pop up on the bottom right hand corner of the screen approx 4 seconds after the venue results have appeared.

This not only promotes your venue but has a link that directly opens your spaces for the user to book.

*Preferred only displays for city search selects. Address search selectes display closest to furthers venues from user.
*We are limiting both these ad-ons to three (3) venues per city. (If you “
missed the boat”,  register your interest as we review yearly)

How to buy?

Log in and navigate to the Fees and Ad-ons tab under your location.

Select & pay for the ad-on right within the section.

*To stop the next payment simply navigate to the very same section and select the stop ad-on button and the promotional product will no longer be charged and will cease to display once your billable month or quarter that you have already paid for has expired. Simplz.

Sync your calendars

  • Attract more visitors
  • Reduce transaction time
  • Secure more bookings

  • Increase occupancy